At iConnectHere, PC-to-Phone is our simplest and easy-to-use product. You can make calls to anywhere in the world using your computer, and with the low PC-to-Phone rates, you can be sure you are getting great deals on all of your PC-to-Phone calls. PC-to-Phone calling provides you with the ability to make inexpensive calls to any phone number in the world, and with accessories such as headsets, you can enhance your PC-to-Phone calling even more.

PC to Phone is a great way to keep in touch with those who mean the most to you. If you are interested in learning more about PC to Phone from iConnectHere, please keep reading or visit our homepage by following this link:
PC-to-Phone Information.

PC-to-Phone Features

PC-to-Phone provides you with many of the options that are often associated with traditional phone calls. PC-to-Phone features low rates, no connection fees, no monthly charges, no contract and no hidden costs. PC-to-Phone calling also has flexible payment plans such as per-minute calling and discounted calling plans. With PC-to-Phone calling from iConnectHere, you can also get call management tools such as an address book, speed dial, and real-time call records.

PC-to-Phone Calling from iConnectHere

PC-to-Phone is simple to use - you just sign up, download the application, follow the installation instructions, login and begin making calls. You'll enjoy low rates and smart calling plans for all your PC-to-Phone calls.