How Does It Work?

What is iConnectHere PC to Phone?

iConnectHere PC to Phone is a software application that allows you to make inexpensive phone calls to any phone anywhere in the world using your computer. iConnectHere offers extremely low rates, and will save you money on all your long distance and international calls. In addition, iConnectHere PC to Phone can receive phone calls, just like a regular phone. When someone calls your iConnectHere phone number, your computer will ring

iConnectHere PC to Phone has won industry awards for its innovations and has been reviewed favorably in numerous publications.

How Does It Work?

PC to Phone Making Calls DiagramPC to Phone Receiving Calls Diagram

Once you sign up for an iConnectHere PC to Phone account, download our PC to Phone dialer and install it onto your computer. To make a call, you simply dial a phone number from the PC to Phone dialer, just as you would from a regular phone. You can dial any phone in the world. To receive phone calls, you will have to sign up for an iConnectHere phone number (you can do this from the Members Center after you have signed up). Anyone can call your iConnectHere phone number like they would a regular phone... and your computer will ring.

You can use your microphone and speakers to talk, or connect a headset or handset to your PC for better performance.

Setting up iConnectHere PC to Phone is fast and easy (no technical expertise is required). Once you download the software, just install it and follow the prompts, and you can start saving money with Internet calls!

In more technical terms, iConnectHere's software transforms your voice from an analog signal into a digital signal. The digital signal is sent over your Internet connection like any other data. This process is sometimes referred to as Voice Over IP (VoIP) or Internet Telephony.

Now you know how it works. Download iConnectHere PC to Phone and start saving money on all your long distance and international calls!


* Mac is not currently supported.

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