VoIP Phones

VoIP Phone Service

iConnectHere is an broadband phone company that will help you use the power of the Internet to forever change the way you make calls. Use your Internet connection as a VoIP phone line and get the same experience as a regular phone. VoIP phones help you can make and receive worldwide internet phone calls, allowing you to save on both long-distance and international calls using our extremely low rates.

Sign up for a VoIP Phone Service to start saving. If you choose Broadband Phone, we'll send you a FREE broadband adapter. You can also sign up with your own device, saving even more money. Or choose PC to Phone for the quickest and simplest way to make calls from your computer.

What are VoIP Phones?

iConnectHere VoIP Phone service offers an affordable alternative to traditional telephone service. VoIP calling is a method for taking analog telephone signals and turning them into digital data. This is then sent over the internet, bypassing regular phone companies which translates into savings for you.

Using VoIP Phones from iConnectHere also allows you to be online and on the phone at the same time. Our every account comes with virtual calling card, giving you the ability to use your account when you're not at home or near a computer. Just call a toll-free number from any landline or payphone and your VoIP Phone service will take over.

Saving Money with VoIP Service

One of the many reasons so many people are beginning to use VoIP Phones is the amount of money they can save. You'll enjoy great low rates from every country, and you can use just one account for all local, long-distance or International internet phone calls.

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