VoIP Calls

VoIP Calls

iConnectHere has been in the Internet telephony business since 1996 and we've served millions of customers worldwide with award winning quality internet phone services. Our telephony solutions have become the leading alternatives to traditional phone companies. We harness the power of the Internet with the Voice over Internet Protocol, and are able to offer our customers complete communication services and cheap VoIP calls.

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Why Switch to VoIP Calls?

Making VoIP calls with iConnectHere offers consumers and small businesses an affordable alternative to traditional telephone service. With iConnectHere VoIP, you will enjoy low rates and smart calling plans. IConnectHere has a leading global brand name with regard to VoIP services. With iConnectHere, pc-to-phone rates to the US are as low as 1.2 cents/min, with more programs and promotions constantly being developed to provide you affordable rates with the most optimal service.

Our Broadband phone service is available worldwide to anyone with a Broadband Internet connection and offers more choices, with advanced features like Caller ID, Real-time Call Records, Online Voicemail, Call Forwarding and more. Plus, with all plans and services, you'll always be able to make VoIP calls at our extremely low rates.

We offer a variety of calling plans to meet the needs of home and business customers, including plans with unlimited calling to the US and Canada from anywhere in the world. Check out all of our VoIP calling services today!