Voice over IP

Voice over IP

Since 1996 iConnectHere has served millions of customers worldwide with award winning quality broadband and internet phone services. Our Voice over IP solutions have become inexpensive alternatives to traditional telephone service. We combine the power of any Internet connection with the revolutionary technology called VoIP (Voice over IP), and are able to offer our users complete telephone services.

What is Voice over IP?

iConnectHere VoIP offers consumers the benefit of calling local and long distance for far less money, with higher quality and more advanced features than traditional phone companies. VoIce over IP takes analog audio signals and turns them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet. The experience for the user is the same as he is used to, but the costs savings are significantly increased.

By bypassing traditional phone company networks, voice over IP leverages the freedom of the internet into reduced costs. Rates to countries all over the world are incredibly cheap and have no connection fees or hidden costs.

iConnectHere's Voice over IP service includes PC to Phone for dial-up users or mobile laptop users, or the more powerful Broadband Phone for a comprehensive calling service. You can also experience worldwide freedom with a phone number anywhere in the world. Voice over IP's flexibility allows you to live in New York City but have a local London phone number, allowing friends and family or business customers the ease and cost savings of making a local call. With iConnectHere, your phone service will be light years ahead of everyone else.