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Internet Phone

Internet Phone Calls - As low as $6.99 iConnectHere is an internet phone service that can replace your current phone company. We allow you to use your broadband Internet connection as a regular phone line and get the same experience as a regular phone. With Internet Phone you can make and receive worldwide internet phone calls over your broadband Internet connection, and you'll save on all your long-distance and international calls with our incredibly low rates.

Sign up for a Internet Phone plan to start saving. We'll even send you a FREE broadband adapter, shipped anywhere in the world, or you can sign up with your own device. And your first month of service is free.

Internet Phone from iConnectHere provides you with so many benefits. Get a phone number in any area code, regardless of where you live. Make and receive calls from any computer or laptop with our PC-to-Phone soft client. And iConnectHere calling plans have a flat monthly fee. Every plan comes packaged with a set of minutes and features bundled in at no extra cost, so you know what your bill will be every month. You always have the option to make out-of-plan calls, and we will notify you of any additional charges, should they occur.

iConnectHere offers some of the lowest calling rates in the world for your local, long distance and international telephone needs. Our plans can save you up to 80% when compared with traditional phone service, and include bundled features at no extra cost.

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